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Planning with a purpose..

Roop Financial Services, Inc is a Tennessee independent financial services firm.  We offer securities and advisory services through Woodbury Financial Services, Inc.  Finances touch every area of your life. From savings, investments, retirement, taxes, insurance, housing, healthcare, and more—it takes a clear blueprint to balance today’s needs with tomorrow’s goals.

That's where a fiduciary advisor comes in.  A fiduciary advisor can take an objective view of your financial picture, evaluate your personal situation and outlook, and work with you to develop a sound, actionable plan that can help put you on a path toward your objectives.  Our holistic approach helps you plan and organize all aspects of your financial life and make smart, long term financial decisions.  To help you find the plan that works for you, we want to get to know you first.  

- We listen

- We are objective

- We are experienced

We have experience working with people who are going through a life transition.  Examples: Buying or selling a business, getting married, closing in on retirement, relocating, receiving a windfall inheritance, divorcing, widowed, finding yourself between jobs, having a death in the family, negotiating an executive pension package.  Our clients value our dedicated service, objectivity and a team approach to help them grow, preserve and pass on their wealth.  We strive to improve the quality of life for our clients by providing financial clarity, wisdom and confidence.   Our clients value our dedicated service, objectivity and a team approach to help them potentially grow, preserve and pass on their wealth.   

What is the best way to get started with Roop Financial Services?

Schedule a complimentary listening session today.  Call 901-683-4030 to schedule a time with our team. We want to hear you out! 

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