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Roop Financial Services approach to benefit plan design is to first invest the time with you to fully understand your vision for human capital utilization, and to understand your business goals and objectives. We thoroughly review your current and past programs to determine any gaps in coverage or services based on your specific business and employee circumstances. Finally, we review all available options in the marketplace and analyze their cost and financial impact on your business. Only then will we recommend the mix of products and services that aim to return the greatest value to your business. 

Functional elements of our distinct and comprehensive employee benefits strategic planning process include: Comprehensive Program Analysis

  • EASE Electring Enrollment
  • Benefit Trending Analysis
  • Competitor and Benchmark Analysis
  • Employee Demographic and Usage Assessment
  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Employee Benefits Needs Assessment
  • Executive Summary of Benefits Options and Cost
  • Forward-Looking Ongoing Review to Prevent Obsolescence
  • Development of a Multi-Year Strategy
  • Benefit Cost Modeling at the Employee and Company Levels
  • Benefit Program Funding Strategies
  • Health Plan Forecasting
  • Initial and Ongoing Employee Communication Strategies
  • Initial and Ongoing Management Communication and Reporting Strategies

Benefit Cost is Always a Consideration—Our Focus is To Return More For Your Investment

The rising cost of health care and other benefits is forcing many companies to rethink and reduce their benefits programs—at a time when benefits are playing a more significant role in attracting and retaining top talent.

The difference between Roop Financial Services and others is our personalized level of service. While it is easy to talk about service, consistently delivering outstanding personalized service, attention to detail and access to services and experience that go far beyond the scope of employee benefits design and implementation is the hallmark of Roop Financial Services success.

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