What is a Fee-Based Relationship

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Our advisors are highly collaborative and interactive.  Communication among our advisors/internals/clients are constant with continuous support for our clients. 

In a fee-based relationship, a fee is charged to you for personalized services such as financial planning, portfolio construction, investment strategies, etc.

LPL Research has no proprietary products to sell, and no investment banking relationships to cultivate.  Our advisors are compensated for bringing the best recommendations forward to meet clients' needs, which aligns our interests with our clients.

A fee-based relationship provides:

  • Transparency – Having fee schedules based on a percentage of the account value offers the transparency in how your fees are derived and an understanding that you are paying for advice rather than a product. These fees are outlined in your detailed quarterly performance report.
  • Objectivity – With no financial incentive to offer one product over another and the mutual benefit that your advisor’s financial success is directly proportional to your success, the fee-based relationship creates an environment of objectivity in selecting the investment strategy and products that your advisor believes will be right for your financial goals.
  • Fiduciary Duty – The highest standard of care that, by design, guides an advisor to act in the best interest of his or her clients.
  • Access – Institutional management, once reserved only for large accounts, is now available with a fee-based relationship.

Is a Fee-Based Relationship Right For You?

Your Investment Advisor Representative will assist you in determining a suitable approach for professional money management. Mapping out your journey with your Investment Advisor Representative can provide you with better opportunities to achieve your financial goals.

Roop Financial Services is fiercely independent and, as a result, not beholden to any particular financial institution or class or products. Our wealth management process begins and ends with you, the client. By carefully considering your unique needs, our objectivity and independence allows us to use quality solution providers.

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