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We Put Your Interest First

When you have a meeting with your financial advisor, do you lead the meeting or do they?

We’ve put together ten questions you should ask your financial advisor so that they understand they are working for you, not the other way around.

Curious about what these questions are?  You can read them here 10 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR ADVISOR

Traditionally, the business of providing investment advice has been centered on "selling." Financial institutions develop products and brokers (or salesmen) generally sell those proprietary products to customers. Brokers are paid to transact, whereas it may be in your best interest to buy and hold where you pay a fee based on the assets under management. 

Roop Financial Services is fiercely independent and, as a result, not beholden to any particular financial institution or class or products. Our wealth management process begins and ends with you, the client. By carefully considering your unique needs, our objectivity and independence allows us to use quality solution providers, while steering clear of conflicts of interest.